Territory to discover, explore and see. Gravedona has incredible landscape thanks to the position between the Lake and mountain. The climate is always mild. Due to its location and the west shore dominated by Sasso Pelo and the alluvia plain of the river Liro. The village is perfect as a starting point to visit the Lake.



The city of Como is one of the most famed of Lombardy. The city has many monuments to visit. The old city is surrounded by walls from the Middle Ages wich are well preverved. It is famous for the tradition of quality silk, which has been made here for generations. Perfect for artigianal shopping, witnessing the architectural historic villas or just for a scenic walk on the lakefront.



By the lakeside there are many villas including the enchanting Villa Balbianello, built for Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the XVIII century. The Villa rises on the edge of a small peninsular on the Lake almost in front of Bellagio. Today it is still as the last owner left it. A renowned explorer Guido Monzino returned from his many travels, with a rich collection of chinese, african and precolombian art, precious english and french furniture of the XVIII century. Set in the loggia, above the gardens, there is a map room and a small library and a museum documents the memorabilia of his expeditions. But the masterpiece is the landscape of the gardens and terraces, on the highest part of the peninsular.



Famous tourist destination; is a picturesque village on the promontory of the Lake. Characteristic of the village are the little old streets in the centre now full of shops. It is just like it was in the past. Two aristocratic Villas are can be visited here: Villa Melzi that has superb gardens and Villa Serbelloni. Villa Melzi is on the western lakeside, the big park is embellished with magnificient threes and rare plants. The villa is inhabited and so not visited but the garden deserve a visit. Villa Serbelloni looks at the village from above. It was built in the place of an old castle dating from the Middle Ages and even here only the amazing gardens can be visited.



Without any doubt one of most famous locations on the Lake with a great view to Bellagio. On the lakeside there are many villas and among them is Villa Carlotta. The gardens of this villa will never cease to surprise the visitor, a place of rare beauty mixing the intelligence of man and the wonder of nature. The garden if full of plants and flowers from all over the world, making this spot a little bit like heaven.


Sala Comacina

The picturesque village is on the western side of the Lake in front of the Lake's only island, Isola Comacina. From the main square you can take a boat to reach the island. A famous is the the 24th of June, Saint Giovanni’s day when every year the island goes “on fire” thanks to the magic effect of fireworks.



On the west side of the Lake, thanks to it's fantastic position. It is destination of international tourism where Villa d’Este is located and where exhibitions are exposed.

See the lake from the lake